Poetry: the whitey got some blink

dissolved girl

(the) whitey got some blink.
it is moving,
made me moved.

shout it loud, shout.
there is no place that shallow.
deeper than mind can ever conceive.
greater than heart can receive.

stronger than stone wall, brick, even gemstones.
I can see its flowing, it is flawed.
nothing wrong with the strong.
nothing less than a yes.

killing ten thousands as predicted,
as we all hoped.

open your eyes.
it was broken piece of words.

honesty takes their crown.
kicking away some pride.
looking for that most wanted bride.

get off.
it got to be that rough.
breaking forth.

dealing with time dealer.
negotiating time-back guarantee.

–  s l o w   m o t i o n  –

everything looks bright.
every clock on earth is losing its power.
hope falls down like a shower.
cracked, cant move, cant be moved.

stop for a second,
think for an hour,
test it for days,
pray it for years.




silent roars.
noisy beat,
bass and drum r kicking.

don’t you care the clock is ticking?
heart beat playing some.
the eternal sweating some.
negativity loses its productivity.

eye’s closing. seeing better.
gazing truth. life-time chasing that might be hurt.
corny enough craving to be heard.

ego shifted, selfless granted, mature awarded.

that is not really matter,
the astute rang and the whitey got some blink.

[] 18 November 2013 18:59

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