i saw a building

Roadside Antiques Shop in Torrance Ontario

I saw a building. Strong building. Developed well downward. Didn’t look tall. Only an usual two-floor house.

But I came inside. Felt sorry for underestimating this building before.

You got two more level below the surface. Then I was thinking that you built a strong foundation for that!Minus one level. Wow what a space! Vintage inspired wall made a great atmosphere down there. But I didn’t really like the stairs, it’s a bit creepy, yes, for me, but that’s okay. The pipe for water and other pipe hung there without clothe and that’s okay.

Where’s the toilette? Oh downstairs, okay. We go down. Yeap, another wide space underground. I wondered I can breathe easily even though we’re in the basement level. Great ventilation system! Good air circulation, may you had added air conditioning too for these.

I love the floor. No pricey tiles, no need fancy tiles to decorate your nicey styles. It was killing me, yeah.

Then I heard a music. It’s old school hip-hop. Sounds familiar but I didn’t know the song title or the artist. I caught some words there: “south east, moving, deep.”

I tried to caught other word while I got into the beat, nodding my head to the rhythm.

“Let’s move on. Why do you sing this song? It’s not really good one. I think.”

So I moved on. I looked around. My eyes were gazing from detail to detail, from corner to corner, from one point to other point, from beginning to end. I saw everything clearly. Literally. Then I asked myself,

“What is this all about?”

I stopped.

“What’s the point?”

At the time, I didn’t get anything.


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