life gave me lemonade and I can't imagine why

In the midst of everything,
I wonder what you’re thinking.
How wonderful and gorgeous you are,
oh, Daughter of the KING.

While the world are trembling,
You’re silently sitting still.
While everyone is anxious and shaking,
You’re calm, keeping it real.

When you had a chance to be pessimistic,
You didn’t try to be optimistic.
You just relax and listen to the KING.
And then, you make up your thinking.

You don’t care about what people think
You may care about what they feel
For you’re still human, yes you are
But theirs aren’t your main appeal

You take your huge step to hurt some
You risk your credibility to say no, remain solemn

For you’re not defined by what you’re doing
For you know exactly who you are:
Daughter of the KING.


DAD, Let YOUR will be done“,
You said,
You believed,
You did,
You always do

Don’t take it for granted
You’re not lucky, you’re blessed

What a blessed woman
Taken care by the KING
The most sovereign one
The creator of all things

You keep it royal
You are imperial
Full of virtues
Habits of high values

A permanent identity
An irrevocable one
An eternal status
Unmerited worthiness

Pristine heart
Pure desire
Cleansed by the blood
Utmost payment ever

Shining eyes
Going from the inner heart
Glaring through the universe
Ripping man’s thought and manliness
Taking away shallow expectations
Giving a fresh hope to the soul
Streams of divine peace roar

Beautifully contrast
Glamorously steadfast
Effortlessly attractive
Wisely decisive

Wrecked by the unconditional love
Lavished by the unending forgiveness
Slashed by the two-edged sword
Saved by the grace

Taken away your pride
Removed your selfishness
Cut your lowly feelings
Rejected your impulsive emotions

In the clarity,
You are barely perfect.
In the eyes of humanity,
You are merely imperfect.

In the falling world,
You are rising.
In the striving world,
You are flourishing.

Humbly you forgive
Humbly you ask for forgiveness
Meekly you give many
Meekly you receive many

Words that go out from your lips
Are so powerful,
Carefully handpicked and combined
Purposefully spoken
Without any vain intention.


Despite every goodness you had,
You might still stumble and fall.

And you know what,
Many women do noble things,
But you surpass them all

[] SHS July – Dec 2014

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