Happy New Year? Hey, WAKE UP!!!!

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This happy-new-year article was written by my proud mentee, Mercu Gandhi. The main idea was inspired by the teaching of Dr. Myles Munroe. I hope you’re blessed.

Happy new year!

(uh yeah, it’s never too late to revise your goals, reflect, repent, and renew your life)

Happy New year 2016.

New year… yeah… new year new life. Those are words that are heard everywhere.

“New year new me”

… they hope that, but doubt that later. New purpose, new clothes, new goals,…. what else? Help yourself to mention them.

What about our purposes or goals this year?  Too many resolutions. Too many dreams with no execution. To-do-list means not-to-do-list.

Sometimes I wonder, what is the purpose of making one then?

Is it just for fun? Or to be accepted in society? Follow the mainstream?

To be well-known for “The best resolutionist of this year”? Ah…. See the word resolutionist? Is that word changed to be “day-dreamer” in your head? It is in mine.

Wake Up, time to go to school!

Wake up, stand on your feet!

Wake up, forget your past!

Wake up!

Wake up!

We start our day with “wake up”. We were born means we “wake up” from our mother’s womb.  Every change in our life begins with waking up. Every transformation begins with “wake up!”. We can say that everything begins with “wake up!”.

So, what does wake up mean?


Ephesians 5:14-18

Paul tells us to wake up, but he doesn’t talk to sleeping people. Are you sleeping when you read his message in this verse? Of course not. You open your eyes when you read this verse, but he said that you are sleeping! What does he mean then? Do you just accept his word upon you?

He talked to people who are “sleeping” in their life.

Same day, same routine, same everything. Boring. And he says to arise. What is the difference, wake-up and arise? We can wake up from our bed, but we sleep after that.


Wake up and Arise

We don’t arise. A lot of people wake up but do not arise. Arise is a self-initiated action. It is our decision to do so. Wake up is naturally done, we can’t control it. But arise is our active action. We can set our alarm at 3 am and wake up, but then snooze is always our favorite button and we can sleep again.

Why should we wake up and arise? Isn’t sleep better because it recovers our energy? But you waste your time. We should wake up and arise so that God will give us light. He exposes our mistakes when we wake up and arise.

That’s why, the first and most important thing to do in new year is to wake up and arise. Realize your mistakes in the past. Don’t make resolutions first because you don’t know what you write.

Is it really correction and evaluation of the past or just probabilities of new mistakes to do this year?


We need wisdom. It’s different with knowledge

Wisdom is applied knowledge and knowledge is information. We have already had too much knowledge. Too many experiences, sermons, miracles. But then what? We are full of knowledge but lack of wisdom.

Walk as wise, not as fools. Fool doesn’t mean ignorance. Fool means we get the knowledge but not applying it. That’s why there are so many educated fools. Like smoking doctor. He knows smoking is not good but he does it anyway. His title should be drf–doctor fool.

What else?

Drugs, alcohol, pornography. Paul says don’t drunk. They can waste our time. It doesn’t always have to be drugs, alcohol, pornography. Habitual things does. Any habit that controls our life is a time robber. We are fools when our habit controls us, frankly said.

Redeem the time.

Redeem means to own something, to fulfill a pledge. Redeem the time means to get the time that we lost last year.

Our time = our life.

Consuming time = consuming life.

In other words, redeem the time means to get our life back. We have to control our time. Do you wonder why there is time in our life? Because time itself is our life, you cannot separate those things in this world.


Colossians 4:5

Walk with people wisely. Don’t let them waste your life. Or in a radical way, forget them. You don’t need everybody to accept you because not everybody is beneficial to your life. Throw away some unnecessary bad things. It could be a habit or routine or even people.

Devil’s greatest weapon is a good thing that isn’t right for you.

He wants to get our time because our time is our life. Preoccupation is dangerous.



Not everything that present itself to us is opportunity. We need purpose.

Saying NO is only possible when YES is known.

In 1 Samuel 15, Saul was told to slay every Amalekites and their livestocks. But he kept some good livestocks,


“to worship God”.

Nice words to hear. Nice words to do. But is it God’s will?



Do you dare you to give your boss delicious lunch when what he needs is your progress report? If he prefers the meal and forgets the report, he is not a good boss.

Fire him, I believe you can! Obedience is more than sacrifice, sermon, preaching, and whatever that sounds holy.


Proverb 16:1-4


(I know this statement could provoke controversy esp if you refer to verses from Jeremiah 29:11 and any other verses about God’s perfect plan for us.. but please keep on reading..)

We have been given a power to make our plan. It comes from an area in us that is powerful and free us from people. That is desire and decision.


Desire and decision

Desire is that we are willing to pay more than God provide us. God gives us what we passionate for, not interested in. He works in decision and desire, so don’t worry if you have desire and decision but got no facilities. God provides.

Don’t worry, at least you should write down your plan! I didn’t say don’t make resolutions. I said that before you make those resolutions, “wake up” and “arise” first. Don’t think about how to fulfill it, how much money you need to do it, what are the facilities, where is the support.

He will make sure it succeeds. Forget our mistakes, He will fix it for our future. God may use our wonders and turn it to be wonderful. Our lost is the source of gain.


Proverb 16:9

God shows vision, destiny, and the end of our goals. But He will never show the steps.

If we know the steps, we might not want the purpose anymore.

If you become Joseph, and you know you will be a ruler wouldn’t you be happy to hear that? Me too. But what if God tells you the steps, thrown into pit, become slave, betrayed, jailed, forgotten, hated? Do you still want it? Well, yeah, me too..


Purpose gives us passion so we don’t panic if we are in the step

If we know what we see is not what we saw, what we see is temporary. Joseph tied to the camel in a trip to the throne. But he patiently waited for God’s plan.

Are you stuck right now?

Confused/nothing happens/suffering/struggling/no movement/no progress/no development?

Don’t worry, God isn’t sleeping. He is doing something for you, that is cleansing some things unnecessary in us.

Joseph’s pit. Dark and stink. Do you ever think that the pit was also the plan for Joseph? The “pit” where we are now, is also His plan. Just wait. Someone will pick us up for the next step. God always hide our future in people.

Just like Joseph when accidentally  the Egyptian passed the pit and picked him as his slave, or we can say Joseph as the front runner of his family so that his family can live and populate in Egypt.

Why Egypt? Because Egypt is racist, they don’t marry foreigners. If Israel’s family was still in Canaan, they will be assimilated with ungodly culture of Canaanites. Can you see how wonderful God’s plan is?


Summarizing, what should you do in this new year?

  1. First of all, wake up and arise. Realize your mistakes and repent. Realizing can be naturally done, but repent and evaluate is self-initiated act. Believe that God will show you light (Eph 5:14) 
  2. Ask God for wisdom, not knowledge. You don’t have to know everything to be the best Mr.-know-it-all. You ask for the best wisdom? Read the bible and DO IT! 
  3. Beware of habitual things. You must control your activities, don’t let them control your life, or else they will be your greatest time-stealers. 
  4. Use your time wisely. Don’t spend too much time with unnecessary things like habit, routine, or even people. Your time is your life. If you spend too much time on them, you just make yourselves closer to your death, worse than your birthday. 
  5. Beware of good things. They aren’t always right. Doctor is good, but you don’t need doctor to build a house. That’s why we need purpose of life. Dare to say NO to something not right even though it seems good. Obey God is way more important than sacrifice, praise and worship, or even preaching. 
  6. Make and write your plans…. or resolutions (if you prefer that word), after you wake up and arise from your past, get wisdom, and get cautious of things above. 
  7. Prepare yourself for His steps *grin. You will succeed in His plan, don’t worry. But just prepare yourself. I believe you write big plans big dreams. Of course big things need big preparation as well. Get your grip, that is His word, and be patient. Hard battle is prepared for great soldier. Remember the story of Joseph every time you face hard situation.




You can see the teaching from  Myles Munroe in Youtube: vision for a new year.

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  1. Ink Pastries

    Your picture made me laugh because one of my resolutions is to get flat more, on my face, asking God and petitioning God for the ability to obey Him and asking forgiveness for the times I don’t!

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