I break up with my ex. And here’s 14 reasons why you should do too..

It is not too difficult. It is a small decision that will change your life. Hints: it is more than just “ex” literally, don’t worry 🙂

Breaking up is so painful. Sometimes we already cut the rope, yet the feelings and the thoughts still linger in our head.

My point here is more than just about a relationship between two lovers. Not just a simple tips why or how you should break up with your ex or move on from her.

What i mean with “ex” here is “excuse”.

OH YEAH, you heard it correctly. Show me a person with average level of character and he will show you tons of excuses for him not to do things or to do bad things.

Oh GOD, I was really challenged with this mental defect or character disease named: excuse.

Excuse me, why we, human or just me, really really smart in making excuses?

We all know (or maybe you don’t know) that excuse is a logical-yet-silly reason that we make to justify our mistakes or our inaction, to let go our responsibility of being excellent or going forward. Fancy words, huh?



Simply said, here’s 5 reasons why excuse will drag you down:

1. You will not achieve your ultimate goal or calling in your life

This one is heavy. Huge reward demands huge payment. Willingness to pay the cost will make the difference. Ability to make excuse to not pay the cost will bring nothing but an excuse. Well at least you have something in your life.


2. You will keep on doing the same mistakes again and again

“I don’t want to change because of this and this and this and this.” Fancy reasons with persuasive talk. Yeah, swallow that up, just keep on doing that lowly things added with “excuse-sauce” on it.


3. You will be considered untrustworthy

You don’t want to accept your mistakes, you make your excuse when you did your mistakes. Well, everyone’s making mistakes, but not everyone have the courage to stand up and admit it, instead of get off and make an excuse. How could people trust you more?


4. You will end up like average people

If this one is your goal, then go for it. Average people make excuses. DOH!


5. You will go nowhere

Like I wrote here. We will not go anywhere, why? because here is good, warm, and comfortable. Why bother risking our lives for something uncertain out there?



Our brain don’t like pain. Our brain like to seek pleasure. It prefers short-term pleasure than long-term pleasure. It is a natural state, whenever you don’t want to do things our brain will make a creative and logical excuse for you to do it. Why? because our brain loves it, brain hates pain and loves quick pleasure.

Uh, if you still have an ex and you still loves her (could be literally), you should break up soon. Or, okay, if not you may make new excuses to back you up. You know the consequences anyway.

#Note: it should be 14 reasons but it is only 5 because:

I don’t have time to do it. I am so busy. It is raining outside. I am so hungry. My boss is cruel. My job is tough. The terrorist is bad. The oil price is going down. I have tried my best. I don’t have any strength to do so. I have a very bad experiences. People treated me so bad. I deserves better. I am tired. I am sleepy. I don’t have that much resources. GOD is good, but not that good for me. Etc. Etc #whatever




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