POEM: April Fools

April Fools
April 1st, 2016

We are easily fooled
by our thought and senses.

How gullible we are.
How susceptible we are.

It does not make sense
Does it?

It does make sense
Does not it?

We think and feel.
We perceive and judge.

Perplexed by our own judgment.
Startled by our own reasoning.

The inner ego and pride
Made us (look) bright and right.

“The way of a fool
is right in his own eyes,”

But we know nothing for sure.
We only see with worldly eyes.

We don’t know what we want
Or what we really want,

Or even what we need.
That’s for sure!

If we dig our heart deeper
We will find nothing yet
a worse feeling in it.

“The heart is deceitful
above all things

and beyond cure.
Who can understand it?”

How cool is that,
For us to be fooled

By our own thought
and our deepest heart?



How desperate we are for
a good GOD,

a good heavenly father,
A loving and sacrificial savior.

The producer of love,
The love itself.

The solution of all problems.
The cure for all diseases.

The answer for our questions.
The hope. The promise.

The healing. The healer.
The provision. The provider.

Knows everything.
Knows us better than we do.

Plans better than we could.
Makes no mistakes.

He just can’t be wrong.
He never fails and He won’t start now.

Let God’s promise be done.
The promise of a new heart.

Taking away our stony heart,

To be replaced with a new heart of flesh.

Easier said than done.
It needs a surgery.

It is full of blood and pain.
OH GOD, please be in a hurry!

Just like Jesus calm the storm
He will take down “the strong“.

He opposes the proud.
He tears down our huge pride.

He gives grace to the humble.
Only by grace, we are humbled.

Praise be to GOD
For all that we got!


The negligence of our flaws
Can’t be covered by flowers

5 peachy flowers means nothing
But a disclosure

Of my decision to dislike you
In this #Aprilfools

dearest one


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