POEM: Top of my EGO

Just like other midnight,

I went to the rooftop of my boarding house

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POEM: April Fools

April Fools
April 1st, 2016

We are easily fooled
by our thought and senses.

How gullible we are.
How susceptible we are.
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dark sky full of stars

With stars

I am here,
taking a deep breath
tryin to remember all the great things
in the past

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Poetry: the whitey got some blink

dissolved girl

(the) whitey got some blink.
it is moving,
made me moved.

shout it loud, shout.
there is no place that shallow.
deeper than mind can ever conceive.
greater than heart can receive.

stronger than stone wall, brick, even gemstones.
I can see its flowing, it is flawed.
nothing wrong with the strong.
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