POETRY: Empty Within, I ain’t Kidding

bokeh d'or.

Staring at the sky,
I see your eyes
Falling backward, cry
Eyes shut; I see bright

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POETRY: Duchenne To A Smirk

Slip away.

From duchenne to a smirk,
What an adventure we have,
The changes are quick,
A bull’s-eye in the board of faith

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life gave me lemonade and I can't imagine why

In the midst of everything,
I wonder what you’re thinking.
How wonderful and gorgeous you are,
oh, Daughter of the KING.

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Poetry: the whitey got some blink

dissolved girl

(the) whitey got some blink.
it is moving,
made me moved.

shout it loud, shout.
there is no place that shallow.
deeper than mind can ever conceive.
greater than heart can receive.

stronger than stone wall, brick, even gemstones.
I can see its flowing, it is flawed.
nothing wrong with the strong.
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