POEM: Top of my EGO

​Just like other midnight,

I went to the rooftop of my boarding house


Ah crap, I need to leave this place soon
Due to #BREXIT and global instability LOL

I really enjoy the rooftop
The view, so wonderful
The air, so peaceful

I like watching those high-rise building afar
Listening the noisy muffler of those fancy car

I contemplate a lot.
I, sometimes, meditate.
I love praying to God.
Whom I call daddy..

I look up.
Uh, dark clouds.

Well those building just
Shines too bright
I can hardly see any stars

The sky is orange.
So weird.
It is a bit purple now.

Hey, where’s the star?
Ahhhh, I just saw it once!
A little one over there
(Pointing a random direction)

I still can see many other 
blinking light, though
And, please look at that building,
(Pointing to my office building)

I will go there tomorrow afternoon.
(Sing: work, work, work, work work)
Note: it is Saturday, 
if you want to know what I mean

I fancy those high-rise building
Since my childhood
I like to look at those and
Say: one day I will have these building
With my name on it!

Not just having my name on it,
Yeah, Ive see a building with my mom’s name
But it is not hers and it is abandoned right now,

So, I want to have it by my own AND
with my name on it AND be profitable

While knowing in corporate finance
That sometimes we need leverage,
thus having no debt and 100% stake in
busines–building is a business–
Is not that wise and profitable.

But, aaah, distraction go away!
the point is I want to have it all.


Millions, billions, trillions
Numbers. Ownership. Stake
Shares. Returns. Profit. 

Boom. Bull. Supergrowth.
Wealth. Riches. Money.
Cash. Assets. Investment.

Glory. Fame. Good name.
Reputation. Recognition.
Phylanthropy. Huge donation.

Goodwill. Social status.
Awards. Title. Praise.
Pride. Achievement. 


(To be cont)


Beritakan berita secara vulgar, gandakan kejahatan!

Ah, berita televisi atau berita daring, sama saja! Apalagi pemberitaan independen (citizen jurnalism). 

Oh betapa luar biasa ketika tindakan kriminal seperti pembunuhan, bunuh diri, pemerkosaan, dan lainnya diberitakan secara MASIF dan SANGAT DETAIL.

Emang kenapa kalo tindakan kriminal diberitakan secara masif dan sangat detail?

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Generasi hyperconnected, kita yang terlalu terhubung

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Sebuah pemikiran dari yang kebanyakan mikir

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2 cara mengubah pengalaman terburuk jadi yang terbaik


Kita semua punya pengalaman buruk. Tapi respons kita akan menentukan segalanya.

Fire tests gold and silver; a person’s reputation can also be tested. – Proverbs 27:21

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Kayaknya ada yang lebih lagi deh?

Masak sih hidup cuman kuliah, kerja, cari uang banyak, nikah, punya anak, trus mati?

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POEM: April Fools

April Fools
April 1st, 2016

We are easily fooled
by our thought and senses.

How gullible we are.
How susceptible we are.
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I break up with my ex. And here’s 14 reasons why you should do too..

It is not too difficult. It is a small decision that will change your life. Hints: it is more than just “ex” literally, don’t worry🙂

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Sebuah cerita tentang waktu

Who draws the crowd and plays so loud?

source: flickr

Aku berusaha mempertahankan postur tubuh untuk tetap tegap, menempelkan punggung di kursi kerja, menjaga mata tetap terbuka, melekatkan jemari pada pulpen dan buku, mendekatkan diri pada kalkulator, dan mengerjakan soal satu demi satu.

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Would you please share the bread?

I want you to know this.

This is so important.

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