POETRY: Duchenne To A Smirk

Slip away.

From duchenne to a smirk,
What an adventure we have,
The changes are quick,
A bull’s-eye in the board of faith

Reject the ball, dude
Don’t pass it on
Don’t catch the rational
Everything’s fake, so to speak;

Don’t obey the law; shoot
Don’t stay in the system; bust
Trust nobody, trust GOD
Don’t give em a try; but

Give em a trial, instead
Tell em we’re champions
We’re born so, as the word said
Nothing good w human intentions

Hey, this one’s a game-changer
Life’s stopper, yet
Is not likely getting any better
Who’s win? You bet

Outsmart the thinker and the baller

Hold on a sec,
I don’t want to be here any longer
I don’t want it to linger
For our faith’s sake
The risk that we have to take
Every future consequences
We might intake

Instill the harsh facts
Couldn’t believe
Looks like (only) a piece of cake
Blaming the theft

Seems uncanny
Full of insanity
Seemingly funny
(just) an affinity



Toast; for the stupidity that people stick
Plastered inside, no way out
From the inside out, devout

Don’t flip the coin and bet
Throw if off; shed
Don’t capture it; dodge
Yell, don’t be afraid

Premises. Assumptions. Conclusions.
Study. Research. Experiment.
Non sense. Common sense.
Useless. Time waster.

Can’t you see the pattern?
Nothing’s new under the sun.
Nothing’s special beneath the light.
Everything’s special just like anything else.

Don’t take it personally
Don’t perceive it emotionally
Don’t analyze it rationally
Don’t decide it contextually

HAHA. There is no box.
There is no context.
Yes, you’re right
Everything’s fake.

Upside down
Bribe your own heart
Drive your conscience
Err the rules

Rules are made to be broken
Fools are there to be fooled
Losers are there to be defeated
Winners are there to win, uh huh

Perfect timing
I see the silver lining


Tears drop into the loopholes
Filling the fractures
Forgetting the lectures
Theoretically, it wont, but, it will

Guard all the sense from any incentives
Don’t be naive, we’re gullible
I know you have it all, good intentions
But, we don’t know yet, your true inceptions

Lying on the pasture
Lying the reality
Defying nature
Defying instinctive gravity

Pointing finger to the traits
Culprits of human’s wrongdoing
Beginning of decision making
Added with human evolutionary brain

The heart of the matter is the matter of the heart
A nail-pierced mind is the true sign
Of a frail and fallible human being

Sssst, hey, we don’t have to pass the ball
Take it, grab it, consume it painfully
Altruism is the plausible effect
Of receiving the truest and purest love

Don’t think to do a vengeance
Put our rousing feelings away
Dismiss your super high intelligence
Super human running astray

The so-called proud creature
Believe the game is made only for adventure
Knowing what is really matter
Acting he was, like, already mature

Turn off the duchenne, the game has changed
High wisdom is apparently given and sent
Relentless victories is on their way
Fight and wear the smirk, yes baby, bring it on!

[] SHS, Dec 2014

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