Words to say to your past


I wanted to post this essay or story or whatever a second before the New Year Eve. Yet, yes, the sweetie and the cakes pushed my nerves down to sleep earlier. Thankfully, I still made it for NYE meeting with my family. We have a great habit there: gather together to pray and to give testimony to other family members.

We had a chance to say anything to anybody that might be about our personal story in previous year, hope for the next year, an apology or wish or criticism to other family members. At that moment we agree to listen to one another without any intervention. We had an opportunity to express words from our deepest heart. We can evaluate other directly and fairly. Sometimes it is a grief and heart-breaking moment. However, this is good for all of us to deal with problem we may had with one another in the family.

But, we might still have problems with other people outside our family in the following years. We may have unfinished business with somebody that we may not meet again or even we can’t meet to do a heart-to-heart meeting like I did with my family. The trouble or the pain is still there. For our sake, we need to get rid of that negative feelings or emotions proactively. Thus, I am here for you.

>>Here what I did to myself to move on the previous years and run to the next. I have 3 sentence to say to yourself, yeah, go check it out:

1. “Nah, that’s okay, you’re forever forgiven :)”

Can you remember someone who hurt you in the past and never ask for forgiveness from you? I know you can.

Speak it out in your private prayer or meditation for somebody who have hurt you but have not apologize. HAHA. Sounds lame but it works.

Say it sincerely. Imagine that person is standing in front you giving his/her best guilty expression, bowing with tears in face, pleading your forgiveness for his/her any specific mistakes to you in the past. Feel that moment, it is really okay to release your anger (just punch the pillow, man, no one’s getting hurt though).

Say it to your imaginary enemies: “Nah, that’s okay, you’re forever forgiven 🙂“. Give some imaginary hugs may help..

2. “Ah, chill man, chill. You’re welcome”

If you gave something good or you have sacrifice something to someone for things that you don’t need to do or to give, but you still do it for whatever good reason. That it maybe cost you a lot, but unfortunately the recipient didn’t appreciate it at all, he or she just took it for granted without giving any “thank you” or else.

Well, cool, I know exactly that it is hurt, yes, but I’m with you. Say it like you mean it. Yes you can do it. “Ah, chill man, chill. You’re welcome“.

Show them that you’re better than they, you appreciate good things, be grateful for what you’ve received, and whatever may pass, you are able to move on, keep moving forward. This is for your mental health. Done? Good!

3. “Well, that was awesome. Let’s do it again, don’t we?”

The last two preceding numbers is dealing with what your friends (or enemies) did to you. This last one is talking with yourself. You, you, YOU!

Sometimes we have internal conflicts. We are angry with ourselves. We did an unpardonable sin to ourselves. That sins can be your disappointments, failures, mistakes, problems, unsolved bad habits, unfinished tasks, unattainable dreams, unsuccessful relationships, unexpected miserable events, uncontrolled emotions, whatever that makes you hate yourselves.


Forgive yourselves, write a journal, give “you” a second chance, a fresh new start. Well, God (yes GOD) always give us forgiveness, mercy, and (infinite numbers of) second chance. Who are we not to forgive ourselves? Trying not to do mistakes will lead us to do more mistakes (google it), thus doing mistakes is good.

Once again, DOING MISTAKES IS GOOD. Keep moving forward, after evaluating, don’t lose heart, keep on trying until you succeed!

Say this, “Well, that was awesome. Let’s do so much more, don’t we?“. Feel better now? If not, write your thoughts or tell your spouses or best friends to help you.

Well that’s it. I hope this post can help you to succeed in your incoming years!
Feel free to discuss what would you do to deal with your past by giving comments below 🙂

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