One Thing You MUST Do This Christmas

christmas tree is up

But, is there something more than just a celebration? What’s the importance of Christmas? Is there anything important that we must do in Christmas?

One thing you MUST do in this Christmas is this:

It is not getting a new pair of shoes. Or buying other new things you always desire.

So, please scroll down and chew the message. It is worth your Christmas time



Christmas time is lovely. Yes we love Christmas. We love all the warm feeling, cozy atmosphere, and the precious gift.

Christmas is warm, well the weather is cold, but it is warm because of the warm ambiance of the people. You can see family gathers, friends and relatives smiling over each other giving wishes and hugs. Yes, we all like that. Warm. It feels good, it feels really really good.

Christmas is noisy. We all hear the all time favorite Christmas music. The very same Christmas music with many—so many many many different arrangement, types of music, singer, cover, whatever!!! You can hear Christmas music with Santa in it, with lover/romance in it, with Jesus in it (hey Christmas is about Christ!), even without words, or about the happy and memorable moments in the song.

Christmas is shiny. You got more cash available at the end of the season. You wear your best shoes, best wardrobe, best suit, best make up, all the best outfit you have or the best that you can buy. We also can see that around the streets, shining Christmas lights and fancy Christmas tree added with advertisement of year-end sale that often catch our average consumer eyes. Ah don’t forget the Santa’s things! Oh yeah, the theme color of Christmas, Red, is so eye-catching. If i could say, we got visual pollution during the Christmas day! LOL

Anyway that’s the characteristic that I feel during Christmas and nothing’s wrong about that. But, let’s put all that aside, and do the this particular thing..


Go to a quiet place, alone. Leave all the noise outside the room. Yeah. Even the most reliable person that you have, make time for yourself alone. ALONE.

Have yourself a quiet time, just you and no one else,
shut down all the noise, yeah, the audio noise and the visual noise out he there.

I urge you to meditate the true meaning of Christmas, how lucky are you be loved by the Man behind the Christmas. Oh, be quiet and pray. Let me lead you to the meditation of “The precious gift of Christmas”



“The precious gift of Christmas” -the meditation

1. Imagine the most precious thing in your life.

What is the most precious thing that you have today? It could be a thing, or maybe a person or whatever.

People may have different value about this. It could be your house, your only son, or your spouse, well, anything that you consider as the most precious thing in your life that you may trade your life for it. Think about it before we move on.

So, let’s say you have it right now in your mind,. Well, I assume that the whole wealth is the most precious thing—hahaha easy pick, I believe that’s the most precious thing that most people have.


2. Imagine one person who hates you most or you hate most.

You must have one person that hates you, or disrespect you, don’t you?

Yes, yes yes, that guy! I know you can remember it.

It could also be one person that you hate most. Well ya, you can see him/her as a negative person in your life. Hold it in your mind. I know you don’t like this guy, but keep it in your mind for a sec.

Nah this one is the turn.


3. Imagine you give your most precious thing to the one you hate most

Now, can you imagine that you give all of your wealth to the person that you hate most? Can you do it?

Hang on, chill, you can stop a second here.
You are in your quiet time, aren’t you?

If you are following me and using your imagination well. The latest imagination should be pretty disruptive. Haha. Can you imagine you give your most precious thing to the one you hate most? The one who is unworthy or undeserving.



It is nonsense.

And you got no valid reason to do it. If you give it to the one that is good to you, the one that loves you, or the one who deserve goodness, then it is just normal and considerable, even though it is still difficult to do for some.

Again, this thing, giving the most precious thing in your life to the one who doesn’t deserve it is freaking non-sense. it is just crazy. Crazy.

Please don’t rush. Breathe.

Chew my question again. Will you do it?

I guess you wont.

Because I wont.

Many people won’t do it.

And if you can find one who will, that person is out of this world. 



Yeah, God is out of this world


and Christmas is the story of that nonsense.


For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.


God hates sins.
But He wants to love you.

Sinners must be punished.
But God wants to love you.

Justice must be done. Love is greater than justice.

So He gives away Christ to love you.


The gift is Christ. Legally speaking, it is a must.

Punishment must be done.

And you’re the prize of the redemption

Oh yeah, that’s Christmas.



So beautiful. So wonderful.

The whole meaning of Christmas can be wrapped in only one sentence:

“You are loved”



I don’t know who you are, what you have done, what people say about you, what people have done to you or what you think about yourself.

But, think about Christmas. I want you to know this thing:

“you are loved”


I don’t care about religion. Christ don’t bring religion. Christ bring to you a good news:

“you are loved unconditionally”

You are loved by the one who owns the universe.
Media destroys our self worth by giving us delusive standards of self image and happiness.

But, hey, nothing you need to do.


You are loved.


And nothing that you can do to change it.

“You are still loved”


One word that i love about this: “unconditional“.

Unconditional love from GOD, the creator, to the human, the creation.


There’s hope.
Don’t lose heart.

There’s hope.
Don’t lose heart.

You got it covered.

The one that owns the universe loves you so bad.

You can talk about anything to Him.
He listens to your prayer.
You can speak out of your heart.

You can enjoy GOD’s love whenever and wherever you are.
Nothing you can do that can make him love you less.
Again. Again. Again. You must know:

You are loved.

Think about it.
Meditate about it.
All the noise, all the shining lights of popular Christmas means nothing.

It is all about Christ,
It is about you being deeply loved.



So, again, the one thing you MUST do in this Christmas is this:

have a quiet time alone to pray and know that you are LOVED unconditionally.



Enjoy your quiet time in this Christmas.

Cheers! Warm hug from the Author.


[SHS]Dec 26, 2015

4 pemikiran pada “One Thing You MUST Do This Christmas

  1. I could not find the comment bar on your “Welcome” and “About” pages. What I wanted to say is: it is a pleasure to meet you, and thanks for visiting and following my blog. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Happy New Year from Canada!

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

  2. Beautiful post…so honest and profound in your youthful wisdom. Yes, Christmas is all about love…that is what Jesus taught…unconditional love and forgiveness. It is the one time of year when the whole world is in love!

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

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