Would you please share the bread?

I want you to know this.

This is so important.

I know you’ve been limiting yourself, you’re tired with your self effort, you’re almost depressed with the unseen result, and you’re freaked out by comparison and assumptions that you made for yourself.

You have such huge and powerful potential. Ah, yes, I have for you an unique calling. Hey don’t you try to compare yours with other people’s calling or vision.

You’re different.

Don’t try to change it.

Oh, okay, please don’t try to be accepted, to try to be similar with those people. No, no, no, again, you’re unique. Stop seeking for approval.

Be still.
Be secure.

You’re loved. Foreved loved.
I gave my life for you. I died for all of your sins. I paid all the punishment of yours. Take it with open heart, and hey, please appreciate it! Don’t punish yourself again and again.

You’re forgiven. Yes. Don’t be fooled. Don’t be distracted.

It is finished!

Remember it?

You have a huge potential within you which is the Holy Spirit.

You have power to heal, power to save, power to break the bondage, power to bind and release, power to resurrect, power to change the natural, power to demonstrate my supreme being and my unconditional love in this world!

But, hey don’t you act like you have none, like you’re weak and abandoned. No, who said that to you? That’s all lie.

I give to you whatever you need to fulfill the calling. Don’t worry I will finish what I have promised, what I have said won’t return in void.

Stay with me, stay here, don’t be swayed by world’s facts and realities. Ah they are so volatile and unstable. Stop putting your hope on it!

Look at me. Don’t be self centered. Of course you can’t succeed. You’re limited. You are nothing when you are apart from me. Look at me. Listen to me. Feed on my supplies.

You’re weak. You must eat and drink. Be humble to know that you are weak. You must eat. You have the access to the Bread of Life and the Living Water.

Ah, your pride keep telling you can do everything by yourself. Okay, just try it. Prove it.

That ego keep focusing your mind, body, and spirit to you, you, and you. Self-centered.

Enjoy your depression. You can’t satisfy your empty soul. You can’t fulfill your hunger and thirst. Nothing in this world can fulfill your void. It is in the Spirit that the world don’t understand.

But I can. I made it that way. You need me. Your soul is seeking me from time to timeless eternity, your spirit is waiting for me, Your Creator.

Not only you, all humans do the same. You are so lucky to have such supernatural facilities in this fallen world. People wants the thing inside you.

People wants God’s powerful unconditional love to be demonstrated in their life. They are shouting for it. Yeah, spiritually.

Don’t argue. Humble yourself to take heed and take notes. Comprehend it all.

Simply said,

If you are not willing to use the power, to share the unconditional love, the share the eternal food–the Bread of Life;

would you please share, at least, the bread crumbs to others?


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